Yoga, meditation & travel in Egypt

Yoga, meditation & travel in Egypt


Yoga changed our lives, and we want to do the same for you.

Launched in September 2013, Mandala Yoga organises sweet yoga retreats in beautiful and unique locations around Egypt. Think of it as an escape, a getaway from the madness of Cairo, think of it as a sanctuary from the stress, think of it as a detoxification of mind and body. Whichever way you see it, we've got it planned for you.

We are mindful ex-PR and event planning professionals with a penchant for yoga and travel. In November 2013, the founder of Mandala Yoga became a certified Hatha Yoga teacher after travelling to the Holy City of Rishikesh in Northern India.

Our first weekend retreat was hosted by the gorgeous Matarma Bay in South Sinai, and was a big hit. Our second retreat was held at the beautiful Anakato lodge in Aswan, and we were completely enamoured. Since then we've been on an amazing adventure to Marsa Nakari, a place of peace and serenity and we've been visited by an amazing Hatha teacher all the way from India and Malaysia. More recently we've been blessed with three amazing retreats in Minya, the Bahareya Oasis and the absoloutely stunning Siwa.

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In the Media


Mandala Yoga in the Media:

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New Hermopolis is one of Egypt's beautiful hidden treasures, an eco-friendly, social development project and labour of love. Our yoga and meditation retreat took place over three nights in November under a beautiful full moon.

Read more about New Hermopolis here:


Karma Yoga


Karma Yoga is the path of selfless action or service, and can come in many forms. On each of our retreats we are mindful of our impact on local communities, whether it is empowering the women of Stabl Antar financially with our handmade yoga mat bags, cleaning up the beach in Marsa Nakari, or making a donation to local organisations such as the Community Foundation for South Sinai, we try to leave a positive impact on each place we visit, and each person that we meet. During Ramadan 2014, we organised donation based yoga classes on the Nile with all proceeds going to Educate Me.

Bahareya Oasis


On the outskirts of the Bahareya Oasis lies Lazuli, a peaceful haven where we spent three beautiful nights for our first retreat of 2015. Read more about the lodge at


Stunning Siwa


At once enchanting and divine in its beauty, heritage and culture, we kicked off our third season as travelling yogi's with a dream-come-true destination - Siwa. 

Siwa is an epic oasis situated in the midst of the western desert - throughout history civilizations have embraced Siwa as a centre for pilgrimage to the Oracle Temple of Amun, or Zeus-Jupiter, where the legend Alexander the Great was announced as son of Zeus and saviour of Egypt.

We stayed at the foot of the famous Red Mountain (Adrere Azugagh) of Siwa, facing the magnificent White Mountain (Adrere Amellal); overlooking the vast Gary Lake and the timeless dunes of the Great Sand Sea. The retreat promised to provide a unique back-to-nature experience, where our yogi's truly absorbed the magical energy of Siwa. 


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